Helium surveys

We have executed heluim surveys on the total area in excess of 32,000 km2 across geographies and climates for a number of Russian and international clients, including Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, Sibneft, Jindal, EVE, ONGC, Oil India, Shesa, Kazmunaigas, Shelton Petroleum, Strait Oil&Gas, Atyraumunai and others. Helium survey method has similar or superior precision compared to conventional methods and allows our clients to significantly reduce costs of hydrocarbons explorations. Our know-how is protected by 4 patents.

Important facts about Helium

  1. Noble inert gas that does not form any chemical compounds.
  2. Product of radioactive alpha decay of U-Th series elements.
  3. Ability of migration is higher than the rest of the gases with one exception of hydrogen.
  4. Arrives in the sedimentary cover from basement rocks, migrating along tectonic faults and though fractured zones.
  5. Concentration and partial pressure in the section decrease in proportion to distance from the basement.
  6. The feature, which makes it useful for prediction of hydrocarbon pools, is that its solubility is much greater in oil than in water.

The feature, which makes it useful for prediction of hydrocarbon pools, is that its solubility is much greater in oil than in water

Types of helium survey

Helium survey advantages

Tasks of the helium survey:

  1. The main task of the He survey is to discover so called ‘sweet spots’, areas for the future exploration and exploitation wells, and where the area is already developed - show the remaining hydrocarbon rich areas.
  2. Forecast the permeability of the geological structure before the drilling.
  3. Identify areas with high fractured permeability in a prospective reservoir or productive deposits.
  4. Forecast the collector’s distribution, contour (clarify the contour) hydrocarbon deposits.
  5. Localise lithological and nonstructural oil and gas deposits.
  6. Recognise structures identified by seismic.
  7. Allocate areas of low prospect, ‘clipping’ areas with a high risk for the exploitation and development.
  8. Detect residual hydrocarbon reserves in the developed oil fields on all stage of development.
  9. Recommend well management activities.
  10. Identify active faults.

Helium survey is a very handy tool to form individual approach for tasks of any scale at any stage.

Our potential clients

-Sensitivity of the measuring devices
-Speed measurement of the helium content directly at the point of observation, without selection, transportation and storage of samples
-Automatic recording mode of the content of helium, allow to achieve

High performance in operations in the execution of works

The process of performing the helium survey is organized in a clear chronological order:

The optimal ratio of cost and effectiveness

When you use our helium survey, we guarantee our customers to optimize project costs and increase the quality of results.


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