Sustainability requires maintaining life-supporting natural capital in order for our socioeconomic goals to be met.

Actual Geology Ltd works in densely populated regions of Russia and abroad, as well as in the wild. For us it is important that the method of exploration used by our company do not harm the environment.
Helium survey is a sustainable method of exploration that has minimal impact on the ecosystem of any nature without losing efficiency and measurements quality, which is especially important when there, is need for exploration work in national reserves and protected areas as well as if it does involve some endangered species. Our working environment creates vacancies and attract local technical specialists and workers of different spheres.  

During the onshore or offshore He survey:

- we do not release pollutants into the atmosphere or any discharges into surface water and groundwater.
- no waste contamination produced
- no logging or fires involved
- no hunting or fishing involved

In addition in order to prevent the emission and soil contamination fuel of pollutants into the atmosphere bore holes required for the survey are made manually, without the use of gasoline. To not disturb the layer of soil and vegetation during the fieldwork driving motor vehicles is only allowed on the excisting roads.

Our Heliometric works are environmentally friendly and do not cause irreversible damage to the ecosystem.

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