Actual Geology

Actual Geology Ltd - company uniting geologists and petroleum engineers, geochemists and geophysicists. Together our main priority is helium (He) survey.
Since 1992, we provide geology services in exploration and development of oil, gas, water and other natural resources. Our company is the first and only in Russia, which has developed, patented and introduced the practice of exploration work operative method of He survey in situ. We offer integrated exploration strategy by detecting an amplified level of gas indicating the existence of hydrocarbon accumulations - helium. The main objective of our He survey is to localize and delineate so called 'sweet spots' for exploration, prospecting, development of the new oil and gas reservoirs and re-development of existing ones. Using its proven methods (more than 50 succes commercial projects), Actual Geology is able to provide:
- Mapping of He concentration and subsequent forecasting of reservoir properties
- Determination of areas with improved fractured permeability in prospective reservoirs or producing deposits
- Delineation of non-compensated anomalies associated with productive bodies
- Prediction of reservoir distribution, delineation and precise definition of oil and gas pool outlines
- Identification of prospective drilling targets, low prospectively and high risk zones cut off
Our experienced specialists and time-tested equipment are able to work in practically any complex terrain, traditionally off-limits due to restricted accessibility. We are constantly improving our technologies, over the years we obtained a number of patents, developed specialized software and constantly testing new He portable devices appearing on the market.
Our company has successfully complied with the ISO 9001:2000 international quality standard certifications.